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April 01, 2009

Witten turns Kenny Rogers at charity event

Okay, so he didn't go quite Kenny Rogers.

But Cowboys tight end Jason Witten used a March of Dimes charity event at the Speed Zone in Dallas to get a little pay back against the media.

Witten was there to race Nascar's Denny Hamlin but several members of the media were invited to join in on the fun. Witten turned it into bumper cars, making it his personal mission to ram me into the wall. He knocked Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News off the track entirely.

Here is a photo of Witten bearing down on me:


Here is a photo of me stuck in the rail after a Witten t-bone collision:


Here is a photo of Witten bearing down on me:

He said he was trying to toughen us up. He also said we are harder on them after a loss.

You think I need to save these photos for Roger Goodell.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Roger Goodell, heck no. I would print one out on card stock and under it write a Dallas attorney's name with a question mark and fold it nicely like an invitation. Then the next time he doesn't want to be interviewed or you need a tough question answered just slip it to him in front of witnesses and nod your head knowingly with a raised eyebrow.
Any you're in like Flinn!

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