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May 10, 2009

Classy Mavs reach out to Cowboys

Things might not be going well for the Dallas Mavericks on the court in their second round playoff series against the Denver Nuggets, but Mark Cuban and the Mavericks organization should get mad props for reaching out to their fallen comrades at Valley Ranch.

The Maverics have opened up a suite for their two home playoff games against the Nuggets for members of the Cowboys organization who were were involved in the tragic collapse of the indoor practice facility.

Several Cowboys employees attended Saturday's game three matchup against the Nuggets at American Airlines Center. And another group will be in attendance tonight for game four.

It may well be the final game of the series, considering Denver is up 3-0. But the Mavericks are already winners in the minds of a lot of people at the Cowboys' Valley Ranch headquarters, where winning on the scoreboard has a little less meaning in the face of a potential life altering event.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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