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May 26, 2009

Get tough policy

Wade Phillips promised that he would be tougher on the Cowboys to ensure a more disciplined team next season.

We got a glimpse of the tougher Cowboys at OTA's on Tuesday when guard Leonard Davis was guilty of a false start. He was yanked out of the lineup and replaced by Ryan Gibbons.

Davis was back in on the next play. But that is example how the Cowboys are holding the players more accountable for mistakes than last season.

There is also more yelling, screamng and cursing from the coaches. The practices are being held at a faster pace than year ago. And when a play is messed up the players are back on the ball running it again.

Now Phillips remains his same laid back self. But the tempo and how the Cowboys go about doing their business has changed.

Clarence E. Hill Jr. 


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I think Mr.Jones did a good thing about Packmen Jones being back for the cowboys this year, If Packmen Jones has been playing more then hurt he would be better than he would. I said all along Mr. Jerry Jones should not sign Packman Jones at all for the last season.

I've never seen "yelling, screaming and cursing" as a sign of discipline, but rather as a sign of angry frustration. If the coaching staff isn't smart enough to teach, maybe they can just be loud enough to intimidate.

This staff under Coach Cupcake is pretty close to hopeless.

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