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May 01, 2009

Locker Room Switches

Today was the first time the evil media was allowed back in the Cowboys' locker room since the day after the 2008 season ended.
The first thing that stood out? Duh - Terrell Owens' locker name is gone. Second-year running back Tashard Choice has taken Owens' old locker.
Other notable locker stall changes included Jay Ratliff taking Chris Canty's corner spot that is closest to the training room. Terence Newman has taken safety Roy Williams' spot.
There are any number of bad jokes and cheap shots to take, so feel free ...

- Mac Engel


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FWST Cowboys coverage sucks.

i thought the rookies had to earn a roster spot in order to wear the star. it would be good, if coach cupcake would bring back that tradition, so that rookies would understand that in order to wear the star of the dallas cowboys, they have to earned it, instead of taking the star for granted. by earning the star the rookies would have a greater appreciation for being a part of the dallas cowboys rich tradition and organization.

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