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May 26, 2009

Terrell Owens will be back in Dallas

Terrell Owens is coming back to Dallas June 24 and 25 to hold his annual youth football camp at Duncanville High School.

You know he is going to have something interesting to say about the Cowboys and his shocking departure. If you keeping count, he has already blamed Stephen Jones, Tony Romo and Jason Garrett for his ouster. He also said Jerry Jones betrayed him. So stay tuned.

Clarence E. Hill

Until then, here at the details on his camp and you can register on line through www.terrellowens.com:


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Life is a struggle, accept it.

Yum Yum So so very very cute! I wish could have been there...You booth turned out so darling. I'll be in touch....I'm glad Elliot made it to market again...it's so good to see he's still around, love the tux.

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