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June 06, 2009

$1.15 Billion Cowboys Stadium and No Straws

The Cowboys seemingly spared no expense in building the new $1.15 Cowboys Stadium. And they get much credit for the getting the facility up and running for today's inaugural event _ the George Strait concert featuring Reba Mcentire.

From all initial reports, the stadium is receiving rave reviews from concession workers who began arriving before noon in preparation for the 5 p.m. concert.

However, there is at least one minor glitch to report. There are no straws for the drinks. The Cowboys went over every detail, perfecting the mega pixels of the giant high definition video screen. But they forgot the straws.

It's a nit pick _ but one fans will certainly notice when they purchase the $6 soft drinks.

Of course, Jerry Jones doesn't have to look far to assess blame. Jones is a part owner of Legends Hospitality, which manages the concessions at Cowboys Stadium.

Clarence E. Hill Jr.



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Is Winning and Becoming Rich and Famous Going to Get Jerry to that Place in the
Sky ? Jerry, I too was once like that.
Jerry, I'm telling You Straight-Up One Very Important thing ... Jesus Loves YOU !!!

Frankamania !!!

It would have been worse if they had straws and no huge screen, a place to park or even better the views the stadium has to offer. So the no straw thing is not an issue.

Plastic straws are a threat to animals and the environment. They are disappearing from stadiums, theme parks, etc, etc...

Naturally there are no straws: NOTHING about this stadium sucks!

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