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June 09, 2009

A reversal on Pacman is not a retraction

Let's be clear.

Jerry Jones' announcement Monday that the team has no plans to bring back troubled cornerback Adam Pacman Jones does not mean he wasn't considering the possibility.

He indeed was and told me as much.

As a Cowboys beatwriter since 1997, I also have seen Jones in a celebratory mood on more than one occasion and I know the difference between something that was off the record and on the record.

More to the point, Jones knew exactly what he was doing and what he was saying when he talked me about possibly bringing Pacman back to the team.

He never said he was going to do it. He never said anything was imminent. I never wrote either. I just said he was thinking about it, which is/was a fact.

I'm sure the intense negative reaction he got from the story on Monday made him remove all doubt and end the speculation.

Just know this, Jerry Jones cares a lot for Adam Pacman Jones and is still interested in helping him get back on his feet. And if that would have helped the Cowboys win some games, then he was for that too.

How much does Jerry Jones care?

Pacman Jones continues to live in a home owned by the Cowboys owner in Prosper.

So why would he not consider bringing him back to the Cowboys?

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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