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June 17, 2009

T.O. Farewell Party

Not only is Terrell Owens coming back to Dallas for a football camp next week at Duncanville High School but he will be the guest of honor at a farewell from Dallas party in his honor next Thursday.



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da boys will miss TO, it will take crayton and coachable roy williams to make up 4 what TO provided the last 3 yrs. romo-friendly will have no execuses for his continue incompetetence in the month of december and january. until romo-friendly produces a lombardi trophy next february 2010, it will be more of the same that we cowboy fans have witness 4 the past 12 years; lip serves from jerry and excuses 4 jason garrett and romo-friendly for the unability 2 accept responsibilty 4 their actions, while other (TO, pacman, tank, brian stewart, ellis) or given the pink slip.

Yeah I guess yo could throw a party for his departure... But i wouldn't want him to be there... Know what I mean?

oh.. and bring on Matt Jones...

This is who is he is?......He served us well LET OUT OF YOUR MIND and don't get into the way he acts....NO ONE is trying to change each individual on this forum so why try to change him?

It's painfully obvious he craves the spotlight and we gave it to him during his tenure.. Don't be mad at him for being a a-hole..He's the same a-hole that played for us....lol

We'll be so ok without him...The ONE THING people fail to realize is that he TAUGHT (Austin and Hurd) how to be professionals (on the field) how to work hard and don't take your body and career for granted.

If I lived in Dallas I would go. At the end of the party I would just say thank you and FORGOT ABOUT HIM.....You should too!!!

Go Boy's!!!

Oh gimmie a break please!! Is this a joke or is this for real!

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