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July 28, 2009

It's Tony time

Brad Sham didn't even bother going through the usual pre-announcement stuff with Romo. No years in the league, no school affiliation, just... Tony Romo (by the way, if I had a sound checker in here, Jason Witten still got a bigger ovation).

Anyhoo (oh, wait, I'm hearing some boos in here, too. Get talking, kids, get talking...)

Sham just asked if that means he's more motivated: Romo wins the fans back by saying, "Hola, San Antonio! Viva Los Cowboys!"

And with that, he's gone.

-- Tracey Myers


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This is part of the problem......he is content in that he feels he is "doing his job". Anthony, Look in the mirror, shave that silly beard off your face and tell yourself that just maybe, your teammates and coaches want and expect you to be more then "just a guy"! Time to step it up son!!

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