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July 29, 2009

More fun with Roy

Mr. Jeff Caplan already put up some witty moments with Roy Williams, and moments later (didn't know Jeff had already talked to him) I got into another scrum with Williams. Here are some exerpts (by the way, this guy should talk all the time. Good stuff):

When asked what he wanted to do this year: "Catch more than 19 balls and two touchdowns."

On wearing No. 4 today (he'll be back in No. 11 tomorrow): "I rock the 4, I'll rock the 11."

On his bicycle shorts: "These aren't bicycle shorts, are they?" And after being told they were. "Well, then Lance would be proud of me."

On the adoration he was getting from the fans, who were chanting "Roy! Roy!" during his interviews: "I didn't get that in Detroit."

-- Tracey Myers


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