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July 13, 2009

People.com: Tony breaks it off with Jessica

Wonder if this could be good news for Cowboys fans?

People Magazine says quarterback Tony Romo broke it off with longtime girlfriend Jessica Simpson last week, on the eve of her 29th birthday.

Apparently, though, Tony isn't through with the party scene. People quotes "a source" as describing a night out in Hollywood sans Jessica but not without the expensive Grey Goose vodka.

(Tony and Jessica on July 1 at the AT&T National golf tournament at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md. Photo by The Associated Press.)



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I think this season he can focus on the goal for this season which is get us into the playoffs and win!!! We will see if she was the problem or is it just HIM!!! Come on Tony know more excuses.

What a bunch of dumbasses! These comments all sound like they were posted by a bunch of jealous, redneck, trailer trash idiots! Good GHod, I hope none of you morons are from Texas! Now, go get another Falstaff and put some ointment on that new tattoo of your momma's fat tits on your sweaty ass! And remember, that ointment is for healing, not lube for loping your mule!

She can't sing or act and he can't play ball - I do think it was tasteless to breakup with her BEFORE her birthday. Nothing else more needs to be said since it doesn't affect me one way or the other.

Grey Goose is a waste of money. If Tony had any taste, he'd be drinking Ketel One or even Tito's.

Isn't our own love lifes enough to be filled with?

Romo is the man! Don't listen to all these winnies and nerds Tony. It's about that time you find yourself a REAL woman. NO more chickenheads

Maybe now Miss Silly-cone valley will go back to her "fiary-tail" life if glitz, glamor, drugs and scandal ... She can always party with Spears, Lohan, Hilton and the like ... Bye, bye Jessica ...

She keeps getting her hopes up with guys who dont want her! JESSICA IM HERE FOR U :)

Let's see if Romo can concentrate on football for a change..I doubt it.

She wanted him to be "ken" at her Barbie party! How lame is that? I would have dumped her too!

Who cares?

You people are disgusting. Why is their personal life any business of yours? Grow up-- get a life & quit harping on others.

too bad, so sad, can't stand either of them but really, the night before her birthday?! What kind of jerk is that????

I think he cut her, so he wouldn't have to buy a present. Then can catch her later and save himself some money, Tony rolls cheap

I could say I don't care but her dumbness or is it her plumpness has affected his play!!

tony homo,
Likes guy so why are we pushing this issue about a lovely girl.

Life simply has no meaning for any of us now.
What are we supposed to do?
How can we go on.
All is lost.

!!!!!!Oh GOD what a Tragedy We are all gonna die!!!!!

Tony Romo is a douche.

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