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July 31, 2009

Wade Phillips comments

Wade Phillips was a happy man today after practice. So here are some of this thoughts on Day 3:

On a "lighter" Marcus Spears: "He’s really quick off the ball this year, even quicker than he has been. And getting his weight down a little more has helped him. We’ve allowed him to slant a little bit more than he did, certain techniques, he’ll get up the field a little bit quicker than before because he is able to do that. That’s the way we coach."

On birthday boy DeMarcus Ware's HOF potential: "I was looking at him, he is bigger than he was. His body has matured some. Happy birthday to him, his birthday is today, which we celebrated by letting him practice. I didn’t give him the day off. His body’s maturing, you know. I looked at him and I thought, boy, he looks like Lawrence Taylor. He looks like that mature. And then I thought, well, I don’t know if Lawrence Taylor ever had 20 ½ sacks."

On Jason Williams' progress: "He was a little slow reacting yesterday. I went over and worked with him a little bit, talked to him a little bit. I said, 'Why are you reacting so slow?' He said, 'I’m thinking about so many things, coach.' That’s what happens with rookies. Sometimes it’s not going to be just like that. We keep progressing. We keep putting more things in every practice. It takes a while for those guys to settle in. once they know what they’re doing then they can react faster so he’s working through that right now."

-- Tracey Myers


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