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August 31, 2009

A friend in a N.Y. Giant?

Add NY Giants punter Jeff Feagles as siding with Jerry Jones in thinking the 90-foot high monster video board won't be much of a problem. Feagles, whose Giants come to the new stadium in Arlington for the Cowboys' regular season opener Sept. 20, doesn't think he'll bounce one off the big board.

How does he know? The Giants' new indoor practice facility (which is an actual building, not a tent, but that's another story) is 80-feet tall.

"I can hit that, not all the time -- it takes a really good punt," the 43-year old Feagles told the NY Post. "For me, a 90-foot shot is going to be pretty good. If I hit that thing, it's going to be a nice punt off my foot. Our old bubble was 60 feet high. I could hit that with no problem."

Score one for Jerry.

Jeff Caplan 


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Oh, that's such a relief. I was so worried that a punt might hit the thing in a real game and those poor professional football players would have to line up and run down the field again. Can you imagine what an unimaginable disaster that would be? Thanks for your tireless efforts in reporting this very, very important story.

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