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August 28, 2009

Board prompts rule changes

Yep, we're not done yet folks. Just got a release from the Dallas Cowboys PR department on some rule changes related to the Cowboys Stadium video board (and any other possibilities that may arise). Anyway, here's the release:



Commissioner ROGER GOODELL notified NFL clubs of a change in rules for the 2009 season relating to the video board over the field at the new Cowboys Stadium but that will also potentially apply in other situations.


After consulting with the Competition Committee and NFL staff, the commissioner said the following will be in effect for all remaining preseason, regular season, and postseason games of the 2009 season:


  1. If a ball in play strikes a video board, guide wire, sky cam, or any other object, the ball will be dead immediately, and the down will be replayed at the previous spot.  


  1. If there is not an on-field ruling that the ball struck an object, the Replay Assistant is empowered to initiate a booth review, including if the event occurs prior to the two-minute warning.  If, prior to the two-minute warning, no booth review is initiated by the Replay Assistant, a coach’s challenge is permitted under the customary procedures for such a challenge.  


  1. In the event the down is replayed:


(a)  The game clock will be reset to the time remaining when the snap occurred.

(b)  All penalties will be disregarded, except for personal fouls which will be administered prior to replaying the down.


Rule 3, Section 1 of the Official NFL Playing Rules provides for an official ruling to be implemented “in the interim between the annual rules meeting” that is “official only during the current season.”  This Official Ruling expires at the conclusion of the 2009 postseason. 


“We will continue to address the particular circumstances in Dallas, giving full consideration to the competitive, safety and fan experience issues involved,” Commissioner Goodell said.  “The Cowboys have been fully cooperative as we have addressed this subject, and we will continue to work closely with the club on a longer term resolution.”

-- Tracey Myers


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