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August 25, 2009

More Roy magic

Have you been wondering why Roy Williams hasn't pulled out the old first-down machinations in the preseason? Yes, Williams has caught a pass for a first down. Very funny.

"You'll never see the first down sign in a preseason game," Roy said, who went on to explain other preseason non-rituals. "You'll never see the white sleeves in a preseason game. You didn't see the first down sign in the introductions. There's just no point. I almost pulled it out one time, but the first downs are prohibited in the preseason."

So, you'll wait for the regular season to unnecessarily celebrate a routine first down? (OK, so that wasn't exactly how the question came across).

"Exactly. And I'm starting out with the bow-and-arrow on the first one. That's the go-to first one every year."

Jeff Caplan


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