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August 24, 2009

NFL to discuss Cowboys video board

The NFL competition committee will discuss the Cowboys controversial video board during a conference call today.

In addition to complaints about the massive digital board being too low, the league will look at the official do-over policy.First and foremost the clocks needs to be re-set. And is it an advantage for the return team if the punting team has to re-kick and run down field again.

What about injuries and penalties that occur during the do over?

The Cowboys say its much ado about nothing and its all being blown out of proportion.

More importantly, the Cowboys are on the side of right. They did their research before hanging the video board and their plans were approved by the league.

The Cowboys are doing construction on the board so they can move it for the U2 concert in October. But spokesman Brett Daniels said it will get moved right back to the current height.

Here is Daniels official comment:

"We worked closely with the league office in establishing the height of the video board. The league recommended a height of at least 85 feet above the playing field. The board was installed at 90 feet.  We believe in a competitive game situation, the height of the board will not be a factor.

For the last month, we have been in the process of installing equipment that will permit the lowering of the board in the future, allowing us to maximize the board for a variety of special events other than football games.  This work will continue into early October.

At the end of September we will also be temporarily disconnecting and raising the board for the U2 concert on Oct. 12 to accommodate their 100 foot stage, as the board will be inoperable at that height and will not be utilized during the show.

Following the U2 concert, the board will return to its standard height of 90 feet above the playing field."

Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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