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August 27, 2009

Roy vs . Scandrick

Orlando Scandrick laid a lick on Roy Williams a moment ago (no shoulder pads tonight, folks) and Roy was apparently hurt (left shoulder).

This put a damper on the evening, which was supposed to be a light practice just two days before the third preseason game.

Williams just went into the locker room, but not before he and Scandrick exchanged words. Scandrick told Roy, "I tried to not hit you."

-- Tracey Myers


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people i keep telling yall'' about scandrick this guy is a tasmanian devil on the field and that's why this guy needs to always be on the field.

I believe Sandrick. I also believe Roy has a right to be angry--for a minute or two. After that, get your nose back to the grindstone and let's get with it. Keep your heads on a swivel out there on the practice field. No dirty hits, ok Scandrick, especially on your own teammates?

And Roy, give the kid one pass this time. Next time he blindsides you, Roy, you get 'im with a cutback block on a sweep or a dump off pass to the running back. That's what David Boston was famous for--a DB would try to ring his bell on a play and then Boston would lay the poor guy out on the next play. But, Boston was a wideout who was built like that pro wrestler Batista (who weighs 3 bills).

Roy is a big wideout too, so a DB should never get the best of him physically, practice or no practice. I expect Scandrick to get laid out soon at practice.

Hey, if people get hurt what can you do? It's football. A contact sport. You can't put dresses on 'im.

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