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August 29, 2009

Who knew?

The University of Texas-Arlington's marching band is playing for our halftime entertainment.

I'll admit it: I had no idea UTA had a marching band. From what I can hear of it, they sound pretty good.

As I said, who knew...

And they can scoot, too. As soon as their performance ended they ran off the field. I mean, they were in a sprint off the field. God speed to those tuba and xylophone players.

-- Tracey Myers


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I've had just about enough of your constant UTA bashing on this Dallas Cowboys blog. Of course we have a marching band! Did you really think the winner of the 1951 Junior Rose Bowl wouldn't have a marching band? Oh, and by the way, we're undefeated since 1985. Look it up.

Tracey, when they dissolved UTA's football team, the music department fought (and won) to keep the marching program for the Music Education students. I got to march in it last year and I really wanted to this year, but well I had to afford to live up here first. It's also a good recruiting tool for the music program and subsequently the university. We had a good show last year and I'm pretty sure that was one of the reasons we got a much larger class of freshman music majors this year.

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