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September 23, 2009

Barber: "I'm good"

Cowboys running back Marion Barber avoided a league fine of $25,000 for avoiding the media since the start of the season by talking to the media Wednesday morning. A man of action and not words, Barber didn't say much, but what he did say seems to suggest that he'll be ready to play Monday night against Carolina.

"I'm good already," said Barber, who suffered a quadriceps strain late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to the Giants.

Barber never definitively said that he will be in uniform and will be able to play, leaving his status at: "I'm good today. I'll be good tomorrow, and then up until Monday."

So this would seem to be good news for Barber, the team's leading rusher. We'll see in about a half-hour (1:15 p.m.) if he is on the practice field.

"I can't complain, great news," Barber said during an interview session that lasted less than two minutes.

Two minutes that avoided a $25,000 fine by the league.

Jeff Caplan


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Yeah Matt Barley said he was "fine" last Wednesday but still its up to the coaches, trainers, own, Barber's mom, Barber's da

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