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October 14, 2009

Bennett jokes, but is he really laughing?

Tight end Martellus Bennett likes to joke around. So he did Tuesday at a press conference in Dallas to bring awareness to diabetes.


A little girl, Kendall Tubbs, who struggles with diabetes was set to toss a football toward Bennett and former NFL wide receiver Tim Brown. That’s when Bennett cracked his joke, a dig at his quarterback Tony Romo.


“I was like, ‘Hey, if she’s Romo she’s not going to throw it to me,” Bennett said. “It was just a little joke.”

But, like all good comedians know, behind every joke lies a tinge of truth. And the truth is that Bennett, expected be a threat out of two tight-end set, has been far more effective as a run-blocker than a pass-catcher with just four receptions for 40 yards in five games.


“A lot of people are trying to get me to say, ‘Hey, I want the ball,’” Bennett said. “Damn right I want the ball, but I go about it the right way. I go out and just do my job every single day so when my chances come, you never know when it’s going to be, I’m prepared to make plays.”


Jeff Caplan



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It's ridiculous that one of our most talented TE's only has four catches on the season. The problem is that pathetic O-LINE. They can't pass block. So the ball has to be gone quickly (to hot routs). TE's will rarely run Hot. So to get Marty B more invloved, the line has to play better in passing situations.

Go about it the right way? That passive aggressive crap is for the birds.

Typical Cowboys BS. They have a potential valueable weapon that THEY drafted. And Tony (Turnover) can't find him on his routes. Trade MartyB to NY, let's see if Eli can find him.

listen fellas''untill he takes the football serius, and not think football is played on jupiter and eatin captain crunch he gonna be left out, but as for his hatred for the texas longhorns...that's his problem.

He should get the ball more, he is very athletic for a TE and can stretch the field...Romo tends to have blinders on somtimes, the great ones spread the ball around

I'd never want a running back or a receiver on my team who didn't want the ball more often.

Can Chris Bailey spell "football???????" Put MartyB @ tackle?????

As valuable of a receiver as he might be, we need to bulk him up and make him the left tackle of the future.

And the joke???

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