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October 25, 2009

Brooking loving this

Any doubt that Keith Brooking would be up for this one? He obviously wanted to get back at his former team, and he talked about that a little after the game:

"The last thing I was told by the (Atlanta) coaches was that it was a young man’s game. I guess an old man can still play in this league. But this isn’t what this is about. This is just me talking. It’s a huge win for our football team. It's such a pivotal moment."

And about the physical factor: "I know Atlanta prides themselves on being physical. They didn’t out-physical to us today. We bloodied their noses and then we stepped on them and kicked them to the ground. That’s a good feeling."


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Gotta love it. Just what our Boys needed. A player with fire and passion. We have too many nice guys who play nice on the field. It was great seeing the KO hits by our Defense. That was awesome.

Man, I LIKE this guy... why exactly did the Falcons let him go? Geez... welcome to Dallas, dude. Glad to have ya.

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