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October 21, 2009

Jerry Jones: The Cowboys need to beat the Falcons for credibility

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones acknowledged the obvious when he said Sunday's game against the Falcons was one the Cowboys badly needed to win to establish some credibility as a playoff contender.
Coming off a bye, Jones said the Cowboys are healthy and fresh and should be ready for a prime performance against a quality team.
"I don't think you could draw one up as far as an opponent is concerned and have, for us, any more respect than we have for the Atlanta falcons as a team, and their quarterback," Jones said. That presents quite a challenge for us, but that's a good thing for our team right now, a very good thing.
Coming off this bye, I think we'll be fresh and certainly we all recognize we've got an opportunity here to really create some perceived - by our fans and by other people - some real credibility if we could come in here and beat the Falcons."
 "We we should be prepared and we need to win it," Jones said.
Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Jerry sure has a way of laying on the pressure. Perhaps he'll figure out someday that less really can be more.

So now what happens if we lose? Does run off at the mouth Jerry admit he and the team have no credibility? Can I interest you in a PSL?

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