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October 02, 2009

Jones: Felix's durability a major factor

Jerry Jones on The Fan 105.3 said he doesn't want to go down the road of thinking Felix Jones is an injury waiting to happen every time he steps on the field. He hopes the second-year back gets back on the field soon because he's, well, really good.

So good that Jerry said the Cowboys planned to give Felix 25 to 30 touches in the Carolina game. Felix left in the third quarter with eight rushes. He's never had more than 10 touches from scrimmage in his nine career games with the Cowboys.

Again, here's Jerry:

"Well, he had such an outstanding record regarding injury in such a positive way during his collegiate career. One of the things we observed and noted when we drafted him was his durability so it has been surprising, but I want to reserve that kind of thinking until we have some more time here. I guess that's what I want to do because I don't want to think the other. So we'll just leave it at that, but there's no question that his durability can be a big factor for us because you give him the ball; and we were going to have him touch the ball 25-30 times the other night. So he will be a factor in the future and let's hope that's not an issue with him."

Jeff Caplan


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Sounds like Mr. bamboozaul has had SEVERAL glasses of "henessey"

excuse me, a backup to mcfadden....the cowboys backs need to work on 60 yrd dashes, due to the size of the holes the offensive line is opening and num 11 is a heck of a down field blocker

he was a back razorback...hard to have durability tested that way

mr. bamboozaul hav 2 agree with mickey from sandiego. felix may hav been able to get away with conditioning his body 4 the riggers of being hit while a razorback, but in the nfl u can't get away with it, the punishment is like a car wreck. felix might need more calcium supplements to strengthen his bones. b cause at the present time, mr. bamboozaul thinks felix is just another injury waiting 2 happen. mr. bamboozaul thinks the donkey's will pull off the upset on sunday, b cause the pressure will b on romo-friendly to cover for the below average defense that is playing hidding, go , c. this will cause romo-friendly to throw the ball to da donkeys making the game close than what it is suppose 2 b. anyway mr. bamboozaul will still go 2 jerry's world on oct. 25 2 c da boys play the yardbirds(falcons). in the meantime mr. bamboozaul will b sipping a nice glass of henessey.

ok!...lets see last year he missed alot of games, this year he has been hurt in 2 of the first 3 games, the proof is in the poodin, but reality is that he gets hurt and he gets hurt very easy'' he's allmost 6'1 and weighs 212 pounds thats not a little guy but the difference is between college and the pro's are being mentally tough and getting your body prepared for a long season. and he has not done that.

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