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October 02, 2009

Jones: Flozell not an intentional tripper, blames Julius Peppers

On The Fan 105.3 FM, Jerry defends Flozell Adams' recent tripping infractions, saying that stiffness plays a part in how Adams moves. Well, just read what Jerry says about it:

"He basially has some stiffness, always has had and when he sets and makes the turn there to the outside, I don't see anything different, as a matter of fact I've been looking at it when I've been looking at tape and I don't see it material. I'm not taking issue with calls at all and I don't think he's relying on that because he can't get the job done the right way on the rules, I don't think that's the case at all. And he's sensitive about that. We do know that obviously left tackles do have a lot of penalties out there, usually for all sides and you can get some hands to the face, but I don't think this tripping thing is in any way something that; I know it's not intentional, let's put it like that. The play we had the other day, I think it was Peppers that was wrapped up in his; actually his leg kicked Flozell's leg out that he got the call for the tripping penalty."

Review the tape and make your own conclusions. And actually, Flozell wasn't flagged for that particular trip, although he was later fined for a third straight week.

Jeff Caplan


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Mr. bamboozaul is an idiot.

Yeah, if Peppers hadn't rushed, he wouldn't have been tripped. It's Peppers fault......

mr. bamboozaul thinks p.t bartum is full of $%&#. mr. bamboozaul thinks p.t bartum will do anything, and i mean anything 2 put fannies in jerry's world and market a mediocre team into a overrated team and will continue 2 laugh all the way 2 the bank. mr. bamboozaul thinks now that p.t has his 8th wonder of the world, stephen will start being more out in front of the organization.

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