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October 20, 2009

No regrets about Roy Williams trade for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

No regrets about Roy Williams
It was one year ago Tuesday that the Cowboys traded three draft picks to Detroit for former Longhorns receiver Roy Williams. They also gave him a $9 million annual salary.
In return, the Cowboys have received 30 catches and just two touchdowns from Williams in 14 games since the bye week trade in 2008.
Williams has also been hampered by leg and rib injuries that have limited his effectiveness. Yet owner Jerry Jones said he has no regrets about the trade.
"I'm glad we got him because we got where we want to be - a young wide receiver in Miles Austin on the way up and a chance to stretch the field," Jones said on his weekly radio show, "and then Roy Williams as your No.1 receiver with a chance to have a great year because of how hard he's been working."
Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Has Jerry Jones EVER admitted he might have made a mistake with a personnel move?

Why would this fathead admit he's wrong? He spent too much money for him and sacrificed future players for a lack luster receiver. A wide receiver who doesn't know what's expected of him. This is going to be our worst year ever Jerry...live with it...you created it. Please swallow your damned pride and go back and pay Jimmy J. what he wants and please stay out of his damned business and let him run your team! Think you can do that Sir? If not, all I can say is "WANT TO GET AWAY?"...Gruden is out there too Jerry and if you don't know this which I doubt you do...The Redskins are interested in him. Just an FYI Jerry.
Thats all. This makes me sick!

I would expect Jerry to say nothing other than that. For the rest of us, however, the jury is still out. Is Roy not really a number 1 receiver, is the system responsible for his lack of production, does he not inspire the go-to kind of trust needed to throw more balls to him, or is it all of the above? We should know by the end of the year.

Jerry, go to your room.

>>The Cowboys traded three draft picks >>to Detroit for Roy Williams. They also gave him a $9 million annual salary.
>>The Cowboys have received 30 catches >>and just two touchdowns from Williams in 14 games.

Boy Jerry Jones, nice ROI (NOT!!!)

Roy Williams is a below average receiver that thinks he is a lot better than he is. The proof is in the pudding and his production numbers are terrible. He gets very little separation and is slow by NFL standards for a top receiver. We better get used to it.

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