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October 25, 2009

Not too shabby

Hey folks,

We're waiting for quotes, and I'll post some as soon as I get them. But let's take a quick look back at this 37-21 victory:

Happy overall with it?

Does it renew your optimism with this team?

Still skeptical?

Will the 'Boys use this as a confidence builder?


-- Tracey Myers


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Whoops! My mistake--Crayton returned an Atlanta punt 73 yards to the house...not a KO (kickoff)...sorry!

This Hotlanta game was a "starting-to-come-together-as-a-team" showing by the 'Boyz in most areas. Now this group of 'Boyz can put that horrible moniker unjustly given them by 'fair-weather' critics and a bloated media--"Ain't beat anybody yet!"--behind them. They smoked a good Hotlanta team today!

The Special teams put in tremendous FGs, KOs, Punting, and, even a TD days work today! They had a "Gonna-Get-Mine" attitude all day long! I almost felt sorry for those stinky dirty birds, but, that lasted only a second or two until I saw how 'Da 'Boyz had feathers flying all over the field and I remembered how good a big-ole turkey tastes on Thanksgiving Day!!

The D bent a little in the first half and then started hittin' people real good in the second half--in fact on a couple of the hairest hits I nearly tore the arm rest off my chair I was whoopin' it up so hard afterward. I felt like I had just put the hammer down on the poor suckers myself. Some nearby fans had to restrain me from headin' down on the field to get my piece of that juicy turkey. Good thing they did too.

Nothing like a good, clean hit to get the old, cold blood movin'. To clear out the cobwebs from slacking off and maxin' and relaxin' the previous bye-week.

My blood also boils to hit somebody whenever I see that wild man, Brooking, prowling up and down the sideline whoopin', hollerin', and firin' up his teammates. And then to see him get out on that field and also lead by example by laying out unlucky ball carriers or clogging up the running and throwing lanes just makes steam literally come out my ears!!

Crayton had a wonderful day all around catching a TD and then returning that long KO for another score to 'da house!! He could have easily folded his tent after the way he was treated by the coaching staff. Next time, tell a playa' that he's been relegated to 3rd receiver to his face. He ain't gonna cry about it! He ain't gonna go Rambo on your butt! You are the bosses, and, if the youngin' you replaced him with only had 25 yards against KC--then you would have had problems. But, 250?! Heck! The kid deserves it. Crayton will get his I can guarantee you that! As we all saw today.

As for "The Kid"--I never realized how big, how fast, how intelligent, and how excellent his hands were till today. I knew he layed 250 on somebody before as a relative unknown, but, to lay 177 and two more rocks to 'da house on a good defense that was keying on him--man that's special!! I don't want my mouth writing checks "The Kid's" rear end can't cash, but, I do believe "The Kid" can play!! You mean nobody drafted this kid? You got to be kidding me!! You college scouts better take that football player analysis software back to the store for a full refund! Pronto!

The 'Boyz defensive line. Man what a bunch big-time motors they were today with sacks all over the place, QB hurries by the truckload, and running back stuffs (except on a couple of plays where the rotten birds scored..oh well..you can't hold a real NFL team to 0 yards..it ain't realistic). On one play I saw Olshansky literally grab a 350lb offensive lineman by the shoulders, pick him up, and fling him sideways like he was a 2 lb rag doll. I mean it was the most surreal thing I ever saw seeing a huge, red football player flying through the air like a helicopter blade. I'm sure the QB w** his pants when he saw the same thing just a couple of feet away.

Ware is getting seriously to work now. I don't envy the offensive linemen who have to face him the rest of this season. His ears are fully pinned back now and with his unbelievable speed, quickness, and power you don't stand a chance. The oppositions only chance against him is to continually run plays away from his side of the field.

Ratliff, Bowen, Hatcher, etc. brought heat all day long as well. No wonder other teams like Cincy are asking JJ if they can trade him future draft choices for some of our ('Da Boyz) players! I would be trying to raid 'Da Boyz' roster myself if I was running another NFL team!

Anyway, let's not forget the good jobs the rest of the team turned in--
OL-way to wall out people, RBs-great pass protection mixed in with some timely runs,

LBs-except for one TD run plowed through you, great side-line-to-sideline pursuit-you don't have to let big RBs plow into your house, you can stick 'em if you want, you can even go into their guts and try to strip the ball from 'em,

DBs-great, tight coverage man, except for that one lame catch-and-run TD, and, whoa! what hits you guys laid on some dirty birds-they were worth the price of admission all by themselves!!

QB-thanks for the great performance! You scramble and throw on the run as well as anyone. As this team gels, you are growing right along with the rest of this team. That's what it takes to step up to the next level--GO OUT AND TAKE IT! No one's gonna give it to you in the NFL!

thought the BOYS were great.... they came out slow in the 1st quarter, but took control after that. romo and his receivers were consistent.

the defense went against a good offense and created some turnovers and stops.

still have mental issues with the penalties, the coaches need to get in the faces of the bone heads that can't keep their heads in the game.

rico from new mexico

still not sold too many calls, no disciplane, how many cupcakes will wade eat tonight.

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