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October 04, 2009

Romo, Cowboys fall short in Denver

Well, that was frustrating.

The Cowboys scored all 10 of their points in the first quarter, Tony Romo went a second straight game without a touchdown pass and the secondary gave up a big one in the clutch as Denver took a 17-10 victoryCowboys Broncos Footb_Vett(2) at the old Mile High Stadium on  Sunday.

The Cowboys are now 2-2, with their wins coming against hapless Tampa Bay and the troubled Carolina Panthers.

Denver remains unbeaten thanks to a goal-line stand in the final seconds. Romo failed to hook up with Sam Hurd twice, both times against all-world defensive back Champ Bailey, who already had one interception in the game.

The good news: They have the Chiefs next week.

(Marion Barber scored the Cowboys' only touchdown, in the first quarter. Here, he picks up some tough yards in the second quarter. Photo by The Associated Press)


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Jason Garrett is the one to blame. His play calling is terrible. No Offense Idenity,are they a runnig team? does he offset the run with the pass? Let Romo roll out right. when was the last time Romo ran for the first down?

Frank Chenoweth, please re-read what I wrote and try to understand it better. If you'll look at it again you will see that I agree with you in that Romo shouldn't base his play calling on what the critics say. I basically stated that BECAUSE of the critics, Romo stopped going to Witten and went to an unproven receiver in Hurd.

I hate it when lazy people skim over something and then form the wrong opinion about it or mistake it's intention or meaning.

People, if you are not going to thoroughly read something because it's complicated and takes some mental effort, then please keep your opinions to yourself.

John Arlington is off base here. $70 million quarterbacks shouldn't base their play calling on what the critics say. He and Witten wanted to get rid of T.O.--now deal with it! I would have benched Romo midway through the 3rd quarter and put in Kitna. I'd love me some Matt Jones!

Because everyone, and I mean everyone from other Boyz' players and former Boyz' players to the media and fans, criticized Romo for always looking to throw it to his good friend Witten first, Romo decided to go FOUR times in a row to Hurd on that last drive!! How absurd!!!

Just to placate you criticizers, Romo now looks to unproven receivers in crunch time when he needs to be going to the proven commodities like Witten or Barbarian. You criticizers cost us this game!! Thank you very much! Oh yeah, Boyz' GM--we need at least ONE more proven commodity at WO. Get me?!! Even if it is Matt Jones!

Sure Hurd made that 53 yard play, but, for my money when you are down near the goal line with seconds left in the game and needing a TD to send it into overtime, I would have faked a throw to Hurd and lobbed it to Witten. Or let Barbarian pound it behind that ton of road-graders in front of him. Case closed.

I also noticed that Garrett called alot of crossing route patterns in this game that failed. He also kept challenging the best corner in the game in Champ Bailey. Aren't those incredibly stupid things to do? If the crossing routes aren't working because your QB is not tall enough to see over his own O-line (and the opponents D-line) to be able to judge the rock correctly into his receivers crossing breadbaskets, don't you try more button-hook routes (sometimes called "come-back' routes) or "Z" routes or some other seam routes so the receivers stay in your QB's line of sight in the gaps?!!

Don't you also challenge the opponents least experienced or least talented DB? Garrett, please challenge anybody but Champ Bailey! You see, there is a reason other teams don't throw in Bailey's direction much. GIMME A BREAK!!!

And why did the Boyz stop using Barbarian in the second half?!! Was he hurt?! The Boyz' needed Barbarian to soften up the defense for Romo's 2nd half throws. When the Boyz' go with Romo throwing first and running second, this Denver game results. Romo has always been infinitely better setting up his passes with a good running attack and not vice versa!

As for the Boyz defense--the other corners knew that Marshall was getting that ball that he took to the house late in the second half. Newman went for the interception which made him vulnerable when he missed it and Marshall caught it. Where were all the Boyz' swarming tacklers on that play that should have been backing up Newman?

I believe the Boyz' D played OK, but, needed just 1 more itsy bitsy teeny weeny TD of production out of their O to keep morale up. When they didn't get it, they became vulnerable in the end. It was a "Too little too late" scenario we've been seeing all too often these past couple of years.

The Boyz' O should have pounded for 1 more TD early in the 3rd quarter down at the Denver 16 yard line. They were able to get it down to the Denver 2 yard line at the end of the game. Couldn't they have done that in the 3rd quarter from the Denver 16? Waiting to perform till the very end of the game is very risky not to mention goofy. It may increase the entertainment value of the game for the fans, but, for me, I would have preferred getting to the Denver 2 yard line in the 3rd Quarter--not with 9 seconds left in the 4th!!

Right now at 2-2 the Boyz look to be a mediocre team. And Romo isn't throwing the ball that well the majority of the time. Yeah, he has that occasional great throw, but, his throwing quality has just been too inconsistent lately for the Boyz' to be able to win games with. Look in the mirror and decide if you want to play NFL QB for the Boyz' or go be a pro golfer. And do it soon son.

Turn the question around. How many teams are WORSE? The team has very poor fundamentals all around, but most especially open-field tackling.

Yeah, fire Wade; fire Jason. Fire the entire coaching staff. Make wholesale player changes. However, please realize that the only consistent thing in this 15 years of frustration is the OWNER/GM.

The players have no fear of consequences from the coaching staff because the coaching staff has ZERO power; it's all in the hands of the GM.

Cowboy fans, expect the frustration to continue indefinitely.

Kansas City is the last team on the Cowboy's schedule who will be winless. So far, the only teams the Pokes have beaten are those who have zero wins. Does this portend a 3 - 13 season?

Jerry you have all the power. Use it. Fire the head coach. SHAKE UP THE TEAM AND TELL GARRETT THAT HE'S NEXT TO GO. Hire another coach. There are plenty out there.
The Cowboys will not make the playoffs so start rebuilding now. AND PLEASE START GETTING McGEE READY.Because Kitna is a dud.People are laughing at the Cowboys. And if they laugh they don't go to the big new stadium.

As usual, Cowboys found a way to loose. It all goes back to attitude, starting from the top of the organization. When the focus is on "the billion dollar stadium", instead of the team, what can you expect? After management, coaches set the tone of the team, but when a coach is subservient to his master, don't expect positive team results.

As many long-time Cowboy fans have feared, nothing has changed from last year with this team. They play with little enthusiasm and aren't good enough to win unless they make zero mistakes.

I saw an unusual spark of enthusiasm against Carolina in the seoond half last week, led by Keith Brooking. But, there was no sign of that today.

Has the Sam Hurd/Miles Austin experiment run its course? We keep waiting for them to have a break out game. Miles is injured so often, it seems he can't get on the same page as QB Romo. Hurd, we almost never see. GM Jerry Jones has BADLY MISCALCULATED here. This group of receivers doesn't seem to get open nor stretch the field. I would like to see what WR Kevin Ogletree can offer. He seemed to show some flash in the preseason.

Once again, offensive coordinator Garrett reverted back to a losing pass/rush ratio. I love Tashard Choice and just once would like to see this team feed him the ball the way the '95 Cowboys fed Emmitt Smith to start the second half of the Super Bowl that year-six straight carries. I believe this team can run the ball better than it was given the chance to today.

Defensively, the Cowboys played well enough to keep it close, but losers find a way to lose. Denver didn't give up any points in the last three quarters, the Cowboys broke in the final quarter.

Again, the Cowboys lost the turnover battle. New Orleans has 17 (!) takeaways this year. According to the NFL experts, that is coached. Where is our coaching?

If we were to rank Dalls in the NFC right now, how many teams are better? NYG, Philly, Atlanta, NO, SF, Minnesota, GB. At least seven teams are better, with Washington not far behind.

It has now been almost 15 years since Jimmy Johnson left. I don't know if it is the coaching, the drafting, the players, the hot Dallas spotlight, or all of the above. But the only thing that hasn't changed is GM Jerry Jones hasn't been able to assemble a winning organization.

This team is heading in the wrong direction, has no personality, doesn't have a dominant unit on the field, has no competitive edge (except Jerry's money in the upcoming uncapped salary years after next year).

Where do we go from here???

Romo is the most over-rated quarterback in the entire NFL. How can you give $67 million to an un-established QB who hasn't done anything at all. It's more than 3 years now, the learning curve HAS been over. He is NOT a franchise quarterback, he is OK but will NEVER be great. Now Jerry Jones and the Cowboy fans have to live with him blowing games and not going anywhere.

Romo does not have the so call IT FACTOR to be a game changing QB.HE SUCKS

No T.O. to blame...was he really the problem? Cowboys try to make the team "Romo Friendly" because Romo needed everything his way; he now has what he wants and he has made it obvious that he is the problem.
I have to mention Garrett's play calling is amazingly stupid at the pro level; and with Romo at the helm??? - forget about the SuperBowl 'til Romo, Garrett, and Phillips are gone.
Let the axe swing; give me Gruden or Cowher for a coach!

dallas will be better off with john kitin a QB right now ,romo cannot show on big games he,s a choker

sad thing about this team is that they still going to get paid.

are you sure having the chief is goodnews? can you bet your pay check on your statement?

As a working person when you cannot perform the Boss will replace you or fire you. Point to be taken starting with the Head Coach, Offensive Cord. and the Quaterback, somebody need to be replaced if not fired.

Romo is the most consistent "inconsistent" quarterback in the league. When is Jones going to wake up and acknowledge that Romo is nothing more than a backup. He is NOT a franchise quarterback. NOW YOU KNOW WHY HE WASN'T DRAFTED. OMG!!!!

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