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October 06, 2009

SI: Romo second most overrated player; TO is third.

In this week’s Sports Illustrated Poll, 239 NFL players were asked “Who is the Most Overrated Player in the NFL?”  Most players picked the Minnesota Vikings’ QB Brett Favre (13%), followed by the Dallas Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo (10%), the Buffalo Bills’ WR Terrell Owens (8%), the New York Giants’ QB Eli Manning (7%) and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB Ben Roethlisberger (5%).


Clarence E. Hill Jr.


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Just who rates these players in the first place?

Did you read it. It said players rated them. Not the media.

I believe that Anthony Romo can play and play at a high level. He has already proven that. However, the problem lay on the SIDELINES. The coaching staff of Dallas performs a role unique in sports. For most sporting teams the coaching staff helps their team to win or to perform better. However, the exact inverse is true of Coach Donut and the Schoolboy. These dopes actually HINDER Dallas and HELP the other team to either win or stay in the game! This is an obvious fact watching Dallas football games. Fans continually scratch their heads in amazement at the bizarre play calling. The play calling is erratic and incoherent. This means that whilst Romo does have issues regarding his mechanics and confidence etc, the MAIN PROBLEM rests on the sidelines AND with the GM making all the personnel decisions. Therefore until that problem is satisfactorily resolved, both Anthony Romo and the Dallas team will be on a downward spiral. Just think... Bill Cowher is out there!

well now every one knows romo is overated ....ok so lets move on.

Like Tuna said "Hold the anoitment oil".

Just who rates these players in the first place?

Does Romo rate Romo? Does Favre rate Favre?

No, it's primarily the media who rates and hypes these guys.

If fans want to bash someone for Romo's over-rating, don't pick on Romo for not living up to expectations he didn't establish...go after your friendly neighborhood sports "journalists" who did the hyping in the first place.

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