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October 01, 2009

Williams doesn't know role but appreciates Romo

By Clarence E. Hill Jr.
Cowboys receiver Roy Williams is admittedly frustrated with his role in the offense, but he has an appreciation for quarterback Tony Romo as a leader.
He told Romo as much after Monday's 20-7 victory against Carolina in what was Romo's first win as a Cowboys quarterback in which he didn't throw a touchdown pass.
Although the Cowboys amassed 449, including 212 on the ground for the No. 1 ranked rushing offense, it was far from a smooth operation thanks to a number of drive killing penalties and miscues.

"We had some tough times, some tough drives and he could have went into the tank," Williams said. "If he goes into the tank, this whole offense is going into the tank. He stood in there, held his head high, even though we had all the penalties and we were punting every series it felt like. He stayed in there and led this team down the football field and I really appreciate that out of a guy like that."

"That's what I think a leader is," Williams continued. " I could care less about guys who are rah-rah all day long," Williams said. "To me, it's like shut-up. You're getting on my nerves with all the rah-rah stuff. It's show me on the football field. He doesn't say anything. He doesn't have to say anything. All his stuff is on the football field. He is America's Team's quarterback. Whatever he does, people are going to love it or going to hate it. When we win, they love it. Nobody understands the small things that he did in the game, and that's why I told him I appreciated it."

So his appreciation for Romo should be duly noted when talk turns to his role as an accidental tourist in the Cowboys offensive game plan.
Williams has been more dominant as a downfield blocker in the running game than as a go to receiver.
His eight catches for 179  and one touchdowns have only reinforced critics who claimed he didn't have the making of a No. 1 receiver.
Williams contends it's still about a lack of opportunities rather than a lack for ability.
After catching three passes for 86 yards and a touchdown in the season opening win against the Buccaneers, he caught just one pass against the Giants in a 33-31 loss. He had only one ball in the first half Monday against Carolina before catching three passes in the second half of the Cowboys 21-7 victory. Six of his eight receptions have resulted in a first down.

"I do not know what my role is. I'm just trying to help this team win, whether it's catching the ball, whether it's blocking downfield, whether it's whatever. I'm just trying to win. Whatever the game is calling for at that point and time," Williams said. "My role is to, like I say, is to make plays whether it's in the run or pass game I'm guessing. I'm not like give-me-the-ball-every-play type of guy. I'm a go-with-the-flow guy because I just want to win. I was [mad] after the New York game because I had one catch. But if he would have missed that field goal, I wouldn't have been [mad] because we would have won. That's just the type of guy I am, and I hope you can understand that."

But rather than focus on personal stuff Williams said his priorities are to do whatever it takes to help the Cowboys win, which is why he has no problem accepting his current uncertain situation as long as they continue to win.

"I'm just a blocker, a catcher and runner and just trying to do all of them in 60 minutes of play. I just run to my spot and catch the ball. That's what I feel my role is right now, blocking down field or catching the ball when it comes my way. I don't get very many opportunities, but when I get the opportunities, I have to make the best of them. That's the way I approach it. As long as we keep racking up wins, we're good."


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This most recent game against the Panthers was impressive especially on the defensive side of the ball for the Boyz. However, in defense of the Boyz offense, the Boyz O should have had another TD at the end of the 1st half but Romo either overthrew Roy or Roy didn't run far or fast enough, or, alittle of both---take your pick.

So, that being said, the Boyz settled down alittle in this game and got rid of some of the early round jitters a bit that they continue to have. I expect them to keep on improving on both sides of the ball as the weeks go by. I'm not going to push any panick button just yet.

The Boyz Defensive line collapsed the pocket excellently against Carolina. When a D-line does that, the DB's are free to create havok on opponents who have less time to get open or run a play. And when the DB's are shutting people down, the backers and D-line just pin their ears back and come even harder. Good things start happening--and did in the Carolina game.

The D also feeds off their O when the O makes few to no mistakes. When Barbarian gets back to pounding away with his O-Line and chewing the time clock up, look for the Boyz D to really create havok all over the place with picks, fumble recoveries, sacks, and various other forms of smackdowns on scared opposition.

Now for the praise to all the Boyz players:

Igor--great job! You plowed upfield, tackled, and collapsed the pocket against the Panthers all day long.

Ratliff--Dude you must have a top fuel dragster motor under your hood! Way to rock the opposition into submission.

T-New--What can we say? When healthy you shut people down like Deion used to do!

B-James--Don't need to say a thing--Rock steady play all day long.

O-line--You made one of the best players in the NFL a non-factor.

WO's--What impressed me most was when you guys weren't catchin' the rock you were blockin' like O-Linemen! Like championship teams, everyone stayed busy on every play. No one took any plays off.

RB's--3 great games. Hope you keep it coming.

roy should be number 1 wideout catch 5 to 6 passes a game

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