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November 26, 2009

And now, December looms...

OK, folks, you knew it was inevitable that we reached this point of the discussion.

The Cowboys got some of their mojo back on offense today against the Raiders. This is the game where you needed to experiment, do a few things, get your game back because the Raiders put up very little of a fight (if you can call it that).

But now... we are nearing that mystifying time of year for the Cowboys: December. And their schedule in December is so brutal it's brooooootal.

So, are you OK with how the Cowboys look entering this tough stretch?

Are you concerned?

Apprehensive beyond words?

Tell us.

-- Tracey Myers


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I'm eager to see what this team will do in December. This staff preached "change" all off-season, so I am eager to see if the team will respond. Let's be honest, all the December games are winnable based on what we have seen from the defense, except for the Green Bay debacle, this team has had a chance to win or has won 10 of the 11 games. I believe the Giants are on the verge of imploading and the Boys could put a few nails in their coffin or explosives in the fire. San Diego doesn't impress me, but it will take a complete game to beat them. New Orleans only scares me on offense, but they have a killer home field advantage. Finally Washington on the road is always tough but they have ZERO on offense. The final Philly game may be a defacto bye week if this team performs well. I say 4-1 or 3-2 at worst. A losing record will put a number of teams back in play depending upon their play. Remember, NYG and Philly play each other, and Philly and ATL play each other as well.

I misspelled Miles Austin's first name in my post below...my bad. My best friend's first name is "Myles"...Freudian Slip. Sorry Miles. No dis intended.

I misspelled Miles Austin's name in my post below...my bad. It's "Miles" not "Myles". One of my best friends spells his first name "Myles". A Freudian Slip. Sorry.

In baseball it's called "Run Support" for the pitcher. A pitcher gets more runs from his batter/base runner teammates than the opposing pitcher gets from his. The end results in a "W".

That's what the Boyz D got against Da' Raaaiders from the Boyz O. Thank you O. I don't want to hear that Da' Raaaiders are a pushover either! They beat a juggernaut known as the Ben Gals the previous game.

Let the Boyz pace themselves down this final stretch of games. You don't want them to shoot their wad right now and have nothing for December and into the playoffs. You also want them peaking at the end of the year.

So I, for one, say let's be positive about this upcoming December so that we can let the Boyz peak at the right time---around playoff time. If they get revenge against "Small" Blue and then maybe lose a squeaker against the Deadskins, who cares!

If they go 3-2 over the last 5 games, that's a victory in my book. Of course I would love for them to go 5-0, I'm not saying I wouldn't. I just don't want people saying that "The Sky Is Falling" if they do go 3-2.

Even if they go 2-3 they should still make the Playoffs at 10-6. It wouldn't be optimal or smart, but, backing into the Playoffs is better than no Playoffs at all.

How about if they could go at least 4-1 (the one loss being the 'Aint's--if they could beat the 'Aint's, what a stocking stuffer present for Cowboys Nation that would be!!) and win their Division and get the bye for Round 1 of the Playoffs? They could rest, recharge, and realign their intellectual and physical energies to winning in Round 2.

But that's thinking ahead and proposing a bunch of "What ifs?". The Boyz have to do what Myles Austin stated and only concentrate on the "Next Game"--the "Next Opponent". The wins will take care of themselves if the Boyz spend 100% of their energies practicing for and studying about the next opponent. I agree.

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