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November 18, 2009

Bradshaw hard on Roy

Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw ripped receiver Roy Williams, saying Williams cost the Cowboys a victory against the Packers. Williams had his first 100-yard game since being traded from Detroit last year, but he lost a fumble at the end of a 42-yard gain and later dropped a pass that would have been a big gain.

"Dallas lost that game when Roy Williams dropped that pass and then fumbled, too," Bradshaw said in comments released by Fox. "He may have finished with 100 yards receiving, but he's certainly not worth two first-round picks and all the money Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is paying him. He's not proving anything."

Williams has caught 10 passes for 180 yards and a touchdown in his past two games combined. It is his best two-game stretch in two years.

"We're getting there," Williams said Wednesday when asked if he and Tony Romo finally were getting on the same page.

-- Charean Williams


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Terry, I am not going to try to cut the legs out from under Roy at this point in time now that it appears he is starting to break in to the Boyz system and develope somewhat of a rapport with Romo. Sure he could have done better as you have alluded to in the GB game.

But, I ask you--what if Roy gets 150 yards and 2 TD's in the upcoming deadskin game? He's a powerful and big Wideout. He blocks downfield unlike smaller guys who just stand around when they know they aren't getting the ball.

Finally, Roy's a team guy. He adds to the good locker room atmosphere needed to win big games. And, his route running is getting better and better each week.

So, Terry, shut your big 'ole 1970's mouth about Roy. Roy will be fine--I think--and, I hope!!

Maybe Roy ain't worth two 1st rounders and $9 mil a year yet, but, he is if those 2 first rounders turn out to be another Andre Ware and Tony Mandarich! And $9 million in 2009 is only worth about $100,000 grand in 1983 dollars---when you last played, chrome dome, and made $1 million/yr.

You bayou weasel, you won 4 superbowls and are a Hall-Of-Famer, so I'll take your insights and not throw them away. You earned the right. I just hope you give Roy a chance to be on your FOX NFL show soon so he can offer you a rebuttal. And maybe put you in a headlock!

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