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November 01, 2009

Feeling better, folks?

I asked this on the live chat... how are you all feeling about these Cowboys now?

Happy with this game, or was this supposed to happen against Seattle?

Feeling good heading into Philadelphia next weekend?


-- Tracey Myers


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I think people are giving Philly way too much credit. Don't get me wrong, I hope and think we will crush them but they lost to Oakland and let the Redskins hang around. Yes, they beat the Giants last week but the Giants are the most overrated team in the NFL. I believe Dallas is the best team in the NFL East but let's beat the Saints before we pour cognac and win a playoff game before we raise our glasses to the stars.

Yes, I am feeling better about this team, but the real test will be at Philly Sunday night. If this team is really moving upward, we will see it Sunday night. If they win there, along with the Atlanta win, we'll show we are capable of hanging with the big boys. Tony Romo is the key. The last three games have been reminiscant of the Bill Parcells-coached Romo we saw in '06 and '07. How bout them Cowboys!

I'm still nervous. Dallas was fortunate on some of those encroachment penalties called against Seattle. At least one of those are offensive calls 9 times out of ten. Newman seems to be getting beat a lot lately. The defense makes some opponents drives real easy looking, especially in the first quarter. I know that's better than down the stretch, but they've been fortunate with a couple of takeaways here lately with some really bad throws from the opposing qbs. Offensively, I didn't like that Romo seemed to be forcing the ball a little bit there with Williams there. I thought with Atlanta they got away from that. And just targeted him when the play was there. I thought with several of those key third downs to Williams, they could have converted if they went elsewhere. I also didn't like the look of that Romo fumble in the 4th qtr. That looked like jittery Romo. Hanging the ball out there to get hit. Though he was whinding up to throw when it was hit. But he had it hanging out there before that. Look, I'm encouraged by a lot of what Austin is doing. I'm encouraged by Romo and his connection. It was good to see Hurd getting in there some. I like the balance for sure. But I can't help be still nervous. Philly is coming up. They won't make the same mistakes Seattle made. And they are much more aggressive. I worry about where the running game has gone all of a sudden. I worry about the muffed punt Crayton had (fortunately he recovered) before his big return. The Eagles will capitalize on a lot of those things. I'll feel a lot more assured if they can pull out a win next week. Dallas should remember last years blow out. They need to remember. Get fired up. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to not show up for those types of games. That also has me worried. Prove me wrong Cowboys! Get them fired up Brooks!

Well, the Boyz are now 5-2. They continue to start games slow for whatever reason. Maybe they are a team of smart people who like to feel out their opponents first before lowering the "BOOM" on them.

Remember how Lennox Lewis and Larry Holmes used to fight? Use the long jab to gauge the range needed to hit the opponent with the most amount of power using the least effort. Gain leverage. Gain knowledge. Then lower the "BOOM" on them!

I think this group of Boyz are like that. However, against Philly, that style of play may backfire. They will need to jump out on Philly in a hurry to take Philly's rowdy fans out of the game.

Plus, if the Boyz have several of those "almost scored" type of plays against Philly, like they seem to have a lot of, they will wish they had scored when the 4th quarter comes around and McNabb has lit them up for 3 or 4 touchdown throws.

So it goes without saying that the Boyz will need to cash in against Philly every time they get in the Red Zone or else.

Getting back to the thrashing of the SeaSquawks--No matter how you critics slice it, the Boyz did eventually lower the "BOOM" on this puke-green Seattle team. And that's all that matters--that and the fact the Boyz got this romp behind them without any major injuries (I hope ;) ).

Romo distributed the ball well to all his receivers today. However, he and Roy still seem to have timing and communication problems as 5 or 6 balls thrown to Roy weren't caught either because they were off-target in some way or thrown too soon for Roy to see and react to them properly. Albeit, Roy could and should have caught a couple of those missed balls, but, that will give he and Romo something to work on this coming week. Let's hope they really work on it too.

As for the rest of the Boyz team--I really like their attitudes not only on the field, but, on the sideline as well. Namely, Austin intermittenly shouting encouragements to his teammates with an intellectual's smile on his face while on the sidelines. Same with the other leaders on this team--Romo, Witten, Bennett, Ware, Newman, Brooking, Roy, Crayton, Ratliff, James, Spears, Colombo, Hamlin, etc.--they all keep the sideline a special place to go to for a player coming off the field. Kinda makes you want to make more good plays. Kinda makes you want to study the films on Monday thru Friday. Do your homework. Help this team full of character people. Be a character person.

What about a silent character named "Barbarian"? All you gotta do is look him in the eye as he sits there, or, watch him on the playing field to know what he's telling you--"We gotta get the first downs. We gotta keep the opponents O off the field. We gotta give a great effort out there or we shouldn't be wearin' this uniform at all."

Well, I wouldn't exactly say that I am happy with the way they are performing right now. Like Tim said, there are several areas for improvement. But I have a reason to remain optimistic about the Cowboys. The more they play mistake-free football and continue to make big plays, we're nothing more than a team to be reckoned with!

That remains to be seen until we play vs teams that were in the playoffs last year.

Happy with this game, yes, but there are definitely several areas for improvement. The team's tendency to start slowly on both offense and defense will hurt them down the road. I have not seen enough of the Eagles this year to have a good feel for them, but we know they always give the Cowboys problems. But we also know they lost to the Raiders...

Having said that, a win next week would sure make this season look a whole lot different than it did four weeks ago, wouldn't it? And that sure looks possible now.

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