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November 12, 2009

Romo letting hair go

For some reason, Tony Romo is not cutting his hair until the team loses, a superstitious deal that seems a bit corny, but, hey, whatever works.

It seems that sort of thing is usually saved for the other way around, like if the Cowboys had lost four in a row, maybe Romo wouldn't cut his hair until the team won a game.

If the Cowboys keep winning, maybe Romo can consult Dirk Nowitzki for sytling suggestions.

Jeff Caplan


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For any folks invested in more and better resident contribution, that is a knock back, i believe.

IT'S ALL OVER NOW, 6-3 with 4 Losses in December 6-7 Goodbye Cowgirls

hay like the other post hay!! let it grow down his back all i care keep winning...

In that case he better look like pocahantis the day after the Super Bowl!!!!!!!

romo isn't cutting his hair cause of a bet he made with his friends

It is not a good idea. Dallas should be favored to win in the next three games. Only Green Bay game is hard to say. They should beat Redskins and Raiders at home. So the next tough game will be Dec. 6 against Giants. That will be a long time and get his hair very long. If Dallas keeps winning, then what will he do for his hair?

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