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November 19, 2009

Romo not sweating lack of rush

Quarterback Tony Romo isn't overly concerned that the team's rushing attempts and yards are down, especially over the past two games. The 14 carries at Green Bay were a season-low as the offense overall sputtered.

Romo, like coaches Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett, said circumstance often dictates what the offense will do. So Romo's not overly concerned that the team's early commitment to the run is waning.

"It’s important every week [to establish a run game], but people talk about trying to run the ball more, things of that nature. It’s simply a matter of each game is different," Romo said. "If a team [loads up] the box it would be dumb to run the ball 34 times into it. So it’s all different. You want to be able to do everything well so that way when the game calls for 45 passes you do that well. when the game calls for 45 runs you do that well and over the course of the season it ends up equaling out. To jump after a game or two is a misconception. For us, if we can run the ball into different looks and do different things we will definitely do that."

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Of course he's not, because he likes to throw. The Cowboys need someone calling the plays who knows what they're doing. FIREJASONGARRETT.COM

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