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November 26, 2009

Romo talks Witten, December

Tony Romo was talking about the Cowboys' confidence level and how he's never surprised at what Jason Witten can do. Here are some quotes:

On Witten's performance: "You can’t talk about Jason enough in my opinion. As good a teammate as I’ve been around and we’re lucky to have him. The fact he’s as competitive as he is makes him twice the challenge (for opposing defenses). Being the quarterback in this league, I’m lucky to have him."

On entering December, and what the Cowboys need to do: "It still comes down to trying to improve each time we get out here. We improved from last game. but it’s about each time out there. It gives you confidence when you can have some big plays and move the ball and feel you can score.

"I know that’s something people want to talk about (December). But (any month), it’s all the same to us. It’s all about improving each time you’re out there. And if you do, December will take care of itself."


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Someone please tell Mr. Romo that you can improve each time you play...and still lose. He talks about "improving...it's all you can do". Really, that's all, how about an outlook that says we will do whatever it takes to win, period. Maybe it's just me, but I still see the "life goes on if we win or lose" outlook in Tony that seems to show a lack of intensity and perseverance, and does not show a hatred of loosing. It is as if he is setting up the speech for future failure, "we did all we could", "we improved each game", "that's life"...on and on.It's what loosers always say. I am still waiting to see some fire and passion when he is talking to the media and I suspect he does not think that's "cool" or necessary, but what do I know.

Hey Big Blue...i'm sure you do a lot of "gurgling" when you go out at night! and what in the hell is "chockin?"
you're too dumb to even call stupid!

Well December is here again--Christmas carols--New Years Eve toasts--the gurgling sound of Tony H@m@ and the Cowgirls chocking away another season.Man I love the holidays!

but to move move forward tony....u have to deal with that demon...wich is december, if you dont know your history you are doomed to repeat it.....knowlege it and beat it!

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