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November 24, 2009

Roy blows off LaRon Landry "scared" comment

Cowboys receiver Roy Williams had little time for Redskins free safety LaRon Landry on Tuesday. Williams briefly discussed the shot fired from Landry's mouth after Dallas beat the Redskins, 7-6, Sunday. Landry said Williams was "scared" to go over the middle and run certain routes:

"Yeah, I know he was, y’all can quote it, too,” Landry said. “Y’all can tell him right now, tell him I’m saying it. I can say it right now, yeah, he was scared, I think. I told him he was scared.”

Williams delivered his response with a sense of humility and humor. 

"You know, God Bless the individual, God Bless the young man. Love him," Williams said. "There's nothing you can say. You know he was coming off a tough loss against the Dallas Cowboys so I guess that's all he had to say. I'm  just going to continue to play my game, move on. I got the win under my belt and I'm smiling."

Williams said he is not afraid to run routes over the middle of the field or take a hit, and that fact, he said, should be apparent in the game.

"I'm running across the middle, stretching out, trying my best to catch the ball," he said. "So, if that's scared, let me know."

The Cowboys play at Washington on Dec. 27, but Williams said he won't look ahead to that game with any more motivation than any other game. He said Landry, whose Redskins are 3-7, had every right to make the comments.

"When you've won two or three games that's what happens," Williams said. "You get frustrated with yourself and your team and the way things are going and you envy others who are on winning ballclubs and are doing things they're supposed to do. So, I'm just going to continue to do my job. God Bless the young man, him and his family and his football team."

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