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November 24, 2009

Roy still frustrated with pass location

Roy Williams had another tough day Sunday against the Redskins, going catch-less and twice having to go up high to try and snare sailing Tony Romo passes. On a deep ball, he stretched out, but couldn't corral it in off his fingertips.

Williams, as always, vowed to keep plugging away, although he did say he was frustrated with the location of Romo's passes. Williams added that Romo's back injury early on didn't help matters and likely contributed to Romo sailing his passes. Although that doesn't explain why Romo has consistently thrown high to Williams.

"I was a little upset with the way they was coming to me a little bit," Williams said. "I did my best to stretch out, lean and fall and do all kinds of things to catch a ball, but you’re going to have those types of games. I’ve never had a zero-reception game where I’ve played the whole game, but we came out with the win, and that’s what I told my teammates. That’s why we have a good football team, we really do."

Williams said he does not think about the rib injury he sustained at Denver going for a high ball. Williams endured cracked cartilage around three ribs and missed one game.

"If that was the case I’d have alligator arms going across the middle twice," Williams said. "But ,I’m not like that. I’m a guy that goes across the middle and catches the ball if I can, you know, and the one that they’re giving me a drop on because it hit both my hands, it hit my fingertips, but I’m barely hanging onto the ball, that would have been a tough catch if I would have caught it."


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