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November 22, 2009

They won, but...

I'm paraphrasing what one chatter said on our live chat this afternoon: the Cowboys just beat 1/2 of a Redskins team. A beat-up, tattered Redskins team.

Yes, I know the Cowboys still won. But are you all concerned out there that the Cowboys didn't get a touchdown until the end of this one to eke it out? Consider that's just the second touchdown in the past two games, and both came late in the fourth quarter.

Thoughts? Concerns?


-- Tracey Myers


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Consider this little possibility Cowboys fans: Could it be that the Boyz are just giving upcoming competition as little offensive film to work with as possible? To do that you have offensive outputs like they've been having the past 3 games. If I were coaching a defense against them one of the next 6 weeks I would be slamming my clipboard against the floor saying, "Damn! What the heck are these prima donna's gonna do against us?! I have no film to show my players!"

Why if Romo had, instead, accurately slung the ball around to Roy, Austin, Crayton, Witten, etc... for a dozen TD's and 400 yards/game the past 3 games, there'd be so much juicy content for the G-men and the 'Ain'ts to look at, it'd be ridiculous!

They'd be devising a million different schemes to shut the Boyz down! And they'd be so pumped up to do it, seein's as how most of the last few games are on the road for the Boyz, that between their screamin' fans and their pumped up hits, their adrenaline would be flowin' through the roof!! Breaking up one simple little pass would snowball into a 44-6 route of the Boyz!

As it is now, there is nothing on paper (or film) to get pumped up about. Shutting down the boyz would be a snooze fest. The Boyz would have them lulled to sleep right where they would want them.

Then the Boyz could pounce! Stun the oppositions home crowd to silence,and take home a rampaging victory racking up TD's and FG's leaving the oppositions players and coaches scratching their heads in disbelief and muttering to themselves as they slogged off the field in abject defeat, "Where'd that come from?! We certainly didn't see that coming!"

Or the opposition could be licking their chops to get at the Boyz knowing full well that the last 3 weeks crappy output IS the REAL Boyz offensive team--a pile of do-nothings, weak-willed, stupid beyond belief, lazy, can't wait to hit the links, don't feel like takin' a hit or stretchin' for the ball for this bunch-o-intellectually challenged fandom, this bunch of negative idiots, this bunch of never-done-a-doggone-thing-in-their-lives-wastoids...

I hope that's not the real Boyz offense. Cause if it is, then they are also sayin' those things to their valiant, heroic, brave, and beautiful-souled defensive teammates. And that just wouldn't be right. I would have to say to the Boyz offense in that case, "Shame on you! Shame on you!"

Concerned? A little. No knee-jerking though. It was a rivalry game in which Romo was banged up early on. It's too easy to point out the obvious Roy Williams trade, but what seems to get lost is how the defense has improved this year. The offense will figure it out. Every team left on our schedule has gone out and wiffed at some point(with the exception of New Orleans). The good news is that Dallas won. Agreed,the offense HAS to play better, but it's nice to get the win regardless. Tell me about the choke in December when it happens, speaking of it now is unoriginal and overplayed. The same ones speaking about it now, will be the same ones calling in the next day after a Cowboys playoff win!


Chicken little called and wants his title back.

Yeah, we're concerned about it but Miles is dissapearing, Felix a bust, Witten lost? You are kidding right? This team's biggest problem is execution. There are too few plays where everyone does their job. The nice thing is that the team seems to win inspite of uninspired coaching. Let's see how this plays out before we panic...

Just looked out my window and the sky is definately not falling...

What's to discuss? It is obvious that the December fade has already begun and this team is done for the year. After the Raiders, the Boys have to play real teams and won't win more than 1 or 2 wins. The real discussion should be who will replace Wade.

I think we've got enough talent on offense, just no brains to call plays. Please firejasongarrett.com

Am I concerned...? He-l yes! Do we have a WR or not? RW II is officially a failure, Miles is disappearing, and Sam Hurd? RW for 3 draft picks is officially a bust. Witten looks lost out there. Felix looks more like a bust every game. So where does this 2 TD in 2 games offense go from here? Tashard? Non-factor.

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