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November 26, 2009

Wade's "feel-good game"

That's what the head coach was calling this one, and I see what he means. The Cowboys needed it, for sure, after the loss to the Packers and the so-so (generous) victory against the Redskins. Everyone was involved, and that's what he liked.

Here's more of what he said:

"I think we feel good about ourselves. Obviously the passing game we were worried about offensively and it really came through. I don’t know how many big plays we had over 20 yards. It just gives us that confidence. We played like we did on our winning streak. We played well on offense, defense and special teams. It takes the whole team. I think we played how we ought to play."

On Witten's game: "He was (feeling) a lot better yesterday. Today in pregame he said he didn’t feel it, that he was ready. I think it wasn’t quite as bad as we first thought. He didn’t even grimace when he pushed on another guy, cut and those things in pregame. It was good to see him make those plays. He and Tony (Romo) are a heck of a combination."

On that nasty little stretch of games coming in December:

"We probably have as tough a schedule of anybody (these last few games). We have a rough schedule, but we've had a rough schedule all the way through. But if we play well, we can do well. They're a close-knit group. Our guys are not selfish, they're very focused, I could tell this week how focused they were. I think they'll continue that."

-- Tracey Myers



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