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December 24, 2009

Bennett OK

Tight end Martellus Bennett has recovered from his concussion after missing two games. Bennett joked this week about still being "crazy."

Wade Phillips chimed in Friday, saying Bennett had "matured" while he was away. 

It's been a disappointing season for Bennett. He has caught 15 passes for 159 yards and no touchdowns.

The Cowboys had expected more, especially on the goal line, after Bennett made 20 receptions for 283 yards and four touchdowns last season as a rookie.

The Cowboys are hoping the two weeks off helped Bennett find his game.

"He's done well in practice," Phillips said. "He's looked very good. He's looked like he did when he went out. ...He looks fresh. He's running routes good, and he looks like he's blocking well."

-- Charean Williams 


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Let's not give up on this kid just yet. Although, that Phillips kid sure looks like he has as much or more potential to be a top TE in the NFL.

Do we roll the dice and go eeni-meeni-myni-moe and just pick one and let the other go to a division rival like Philly? Whom do we let go? Bennett or Phillips?

We let Fasano go to Miami and he's looking to be a pretty good TE for the Fins. Nowhere near Witten, but who is? Gates? Clark? Maybe.

Bennett has alot of personality. He fits in with the Hollywood swagger and movie star image of the Dallas Cowboys. He loves to entertain on and off the field. He does a ton of charity work. He's a good guy. But is his bad year this season a fluke, or, is it what he really is? A below average NFL TE?

I know absolutely nothing about Phillips, but, what he did in the 'Aint's game caused a big neon sign to start flashing over his head--POTENTIAL STAR TE!

I hope the 'Boyz can keep 3 TE's, but I doubt they can. Some TE needy NFL team is gonna come callin' in the off-season and take Bennett or Phillips away.

I recommend we keep both of them until at least thru next year. If Bennett has another bad year next year, we let him go and keep Phillips.

If Phillips fails to show the promise next year needed to be able to take over for Witten 3-5 years from now, we let him go too and try the draft again. Or we steal Vernon Davis from SF.

Imagine if Victor Butler, Brandon Williams, and Robert Brewster all prove to be players in the future.

I'm surprised this kid's behavioral issues and lack of focus didn't show up during the draft with all the psychological profiles and assessments they conduct on these kids. Players like Choice, Austin, Ogletree, Crayton and Phillips made the MOST of every single chance they got. I guess it's acceptable to have one complete BUST (other than Roy W.) other than proctor, holland, carpenter and mcquistan.

G-d given physical skills but nothing upstairs equals wasted DNA. I'll take Fasano or even Phillips ANY day over this kid. What's most amazing is,he has the best TE in football ON HIS TEAM to watch every day to see how to approach the game the right way, and he still doesn't get it!

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