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December 02, 2009

Bradie bashes Giants

Bradie James had much to say about the Giants during the Wednesday media session in the Cowboys locker room -- and none of it complimentary. James greeted a large group of reporters, made sure all cameras and tape recorders were on, then took off on the Giants. Some of what he had to say is in a story in the sports part of the Star-Telegram web site, but here's more.

James was asked if the Giants might have the same sense of desperation that the Packers had when they beat the Cowboys in November.

"With Green Bay, we don't play them that often," James said. "The Giants, we play them twice a year, so we know what to expect. It doesn't matter if they are 6-10 or whatever, 11-0, those guys will play and try to be physical, no matter what is on the line. It's a good, old-fashioned rivalry. It's been one of the tougher games we've played. We've developed this rivalry since I've been here. They've beaten us, we've beaten them. They've beaten us, then gone on to win the super Bowl. There's no way that I can forget that. The only way we can get past that is we've got to go ahead and beat these guys."

James also said that the Giants celebrated a little too much in September when they defeated the Cowboys in Arlington.

"Eli [Manning] signed the inside of the locker room, the wall," James sad. "He put the score. They ruined our first game. We won’t forget that. It just makes for a more intense game. No matter what’s leading up to it, when we get on the field, it’s going to be the same thing. It’s who executes the best and who plays the hardest for 60 minutes."

-- Jan Hubbard


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Forget the Manning chicken scratch on the wall in the visitors locker room at the Boyz brand new stadium and the new Vatican of the football universe! We can sandblast his kindergarten scribbling off the wall and repaint over it. What we cannot remove is what those daggone "small" Blue players did on the Boyz star in that game earlier this season!! THEY DARED TO DANCE ON IT!!!

And they trashed-talked us Boyz fans as they did it!! Come this Sunday sumbody wearin' a star on their helmet better put some Jack Tatum-type hits on sum punka**es wearin' those putrid blue uniforms!!! Sumbody better lay out some of those idiots who play for that city on the East Coast known as the "Rip-off Capital of the world". Where Wall Street theives take us hard workin' Americans for a financial ride to the poorhouse every chance they get.

Never in history has there been a larger group of do-nothings from one place who added absolutely zero to this nation's GDP yet sucked trillions of dollars out of it--never added one tangible product or one service that helped build a tangible product that generated honest cash. Just pushed a bunch of papers around on desks with fake numbers to look good while making up convoluted financial schemes soley designed to separate the rest of the country from its hard-earned cash all the while hoping no one would be able figure out how it was done, or, worse yet, if it was even done at all.

Boyz, those "small" blue players are nothing more than the shady stockbrokers, Wall Street bankers, and fictional derivative traders that took 'o bunch 'o money out of your momma's pocket book!! Or at least they represent those maggots.

Is sumbody going to drill a bunch of rocks into those maggots house all day long come Sunday? And is sumbody going to put a whoopin' on that scribbling fool and his punk sidekicks?

If so, our Mommas might get some of their money back.

Again... How is this bulletin board material? If this is bulletin board material for anyone it's the Cowboys. A reminder of sorts. I swear the media will try to push anything for a story. Ooooo. They said we're a tough team to beat. We're a division rival. It's going to be a heated game no matter what. Eli signed his name and put the score of our first game on their locker room wall. How dare they?!?!? We're going to go medieval on them because of that. Sheesh. Give me a break.

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