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December 24, 2009

Cowboys can't take Skins lightly

The Redskins looked like they gave up Monday in their 45-12 loss to the Giants. The Cowboys watched video of the game this week, and I'm sure many of the players already had seen it from home Monday night.

After watching that, the Cowboys have to guard against overconfidence. They upset the Giants last December and then lost the next week to the Ravens at home. Baltimore last year is a better team than the Redskins are this year, obviously, but the point is, the victory over the Saints will be hollow if the Cowboys can't follow up with a win this week. They can't just show up and expect to win.

"We've played the Redskins a lot of times," Cowboys coach Wade Phillips said. "We beat them 7-6 at our place. We have a lot of respect for the Redskins. We know they're going to give their best against the Cowboys. We have to build on what we did, and what we can do."

-- Charean Williams


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Since we are playing at the deadskins sewer of a home field, the Boyz will have to play much, much better than they did the last game against the deadskins just to eke out a similar win this time around.

To achieve a blowout, the Boyz will have to play flawless, mistake-free football and attack downfield on offense and actually connect. Mile/Romo you hear me?!

The rancid maroons will be playing at a superhuman level in order to not repeat last weeks debacle, and, because it's against their most hated rival--the Boyz. Plus the RedStinkers know that beating the hated Boyz will put a monkey wrench in the Boyz playoff positioning.

The Boyz need to develope a killer instinct and just put this wounded horse--the redstinkers--out of their misery. Just do it! Don't feel sorry for them. They don't for you@!

The Cowboys can't take anybody lightly. This game is like a wide receiver running wide open downfield for the game winning score. It's mentally one of the hardest passes to throw, but you have to complete it.

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