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December 27, 2009

Jerry Jones leftovers

Jerry talked, and talked and talked after Sunday's game. Here are some of his pearls:

The way Romo is protecting the football: "I think it's the difference-maker. You take a game like we played tonight with our defense, just as dominant as it you could ever have thought. ...To his credit, and to his coaches, they've been able to make it Romo-friendly and keep Romo being Romo, and at the same time, protect the ball. That's walking that line, and that's accomplishing a lot. They've been able to do it, and of course his hard work, the awareness he needs to protect the ball."

On winning the game: "We saw today what happens. We saw Carolina beat the Giants at the Giants. There was nobody, I know that when we left, as proud as we were of Carolina, we know that could be waiting on you out here with the Redskins. The team didn't in any way take this game for granted. The team came out here and fight it all the way."

On possibilities going forward: "I look at Philadelphia as a playoff game. It's so meaningful to us. It could give us the chance to play at home, and that's a big deal. I was in the team meeting this morning, and Wade said one thing, and he said it real quick: 'This game's about the world championship.' That's all he said, and walked out. Said, I know you know that. His message was real simple and real easy for everybody understand. And all these games now, I think we need to feel the same way about Philadelphia as we do the first playoff game. It's almost go home if you don't get it. It's a good attitude."

On the defense the last couple of weeks: "I just think, tonight, would hardly let them breathe. They were stifling, our defense was. Had we been able to do a couple more things in the second half that we wanted to do, it would have reflected even more so on the scoreboard. When you play defense the way we're playing right now, and got a quarterback that's got the [performance] he's got, then you got the chance to do some really good things."

On 10 wins and in the playoffs: "I had Emmitt [Smith] sitting with me tonight. I didn't bother asking about his prediction. I'm sure he won't appreciate that. But he did sit with me tonight to watch the game. We both know that we shouldn't be walking back there and handing the ball 7 yards deep to make a foot. We both know that. It's great to point that out, coach Smith."

Update on Joe D: "I need the doctors to give that report to you. I know that he was ready to have surgery when they walked out for the game. We'll get a report on that. I'm sure he'll be glad when [2009] is gone. He can't buy a break in [2009], can he?"

-- Charean Williams


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