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December 28, 2009

Jones does not want to make coaching change, gives Phillips his due

Owner Jerry Jones is 100 percent behind coach Wade Phillips.
Yes, Phillips is in the last year of  contract.  And no, Jones has not yet exercised the team option for 2010 or given Phillips a contract extension.
But following Sunday's 17-0 against the Redskins, which clinched a wildcard playoff berth for the Cowboys, Jones made it known that he does not want to replace Phillips as the Cowboys coach.
Jones didn't guarantee Phillips' return. He has said in the past that he will make a decision on Phillips' future after the season, while acknowleging how the Cowboys finish and do in the playoffs will be strong factors. The Cowboys (10-5) face the Eagles next Sunday for the NFC East title.
But Jones said that it's not in the Cowboys best interest to make a coaching change.
"I do not want to make a coaching change,” Jones said. “This is not the time with what we’ve got in place, with our personnel, with what we’ve got going with our schemes, with what we’ve got going with our staff. It’s not in the best interests of the Cowboys right now to make a change.”
Phillips is embattled despite three successful years as Cowboys, including a 32-16 record. He has now taken the Cowboys to the playoffs in two of his three years. The Cowboys are one win away from their second division title in three years under Phillips.
Jones said Phillips, long criticized for being soft and not winning when it mattered the most, has the Cowboys peaking down the stretch, especially on defense.
The shutout win against the Redskins came after two games in which the Cowboys held the Chargers and Saints to their lowest scoring out puts of the season.
Jones credited Phillips' defense and his steady hand of leadership for the way the Cowboys are playing and how they bounced back from their only two game losing streak of the season with victories of the previously undefeated Saints and Redskins. 
“I don’t want to take anything away from our players, but I think what you’re seeing develop and evolve is 100 percent Wade Phillips,” Jones said. “I know how hard he’s working. When our defense is playing [well] and our team really realizes how much of him is involved in the defense, then it does give him huge credibility.”
Quarterback Tony Romo agreed that it's time to give Phillips his due.

“He kept a steady hand when outside forces try and make it seem as if your team is done or doesn’t have much of a chance,” Romo said. “Wade does a great job of letting the team know that’s not it. His demeanor, his approach, his style has worked great for this football team. He doesn’t deserve any criticism. You guys [media] need to start giving him some praise, because he’s been good.”
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Tony maroni, we love ya, but stick to QBing and blondes. When someone deserves credit (such as Wade)they will get it. You received multi-millions worth of credit so quit your whining about the media and keep playing. Thats all we ask.

This team will more than likely lose the first playoff game again and anyone is crazy to think this team will go to the superbowl this year. Wade is just delaying the inevitable he will be gone after this season and if jones brings him back he has just doomend this team for another year of failure. If anyone watched the game against the skins last night there is cause for concern as the boys should have blown the skins out of there own stadium but could only score 17 points against a team that has only won 4 games?? If jimmy was still coaching the team they would have scored 40 points against them. They should have scored way more than that so there is need for concern.

Fan here since day one, and yes I'm fully aware that and a few bucks gets me a cup of bad Starbucks coffee. To say that Wade Phillips inherited a Super Bowl caliber team is ludicrous. If they had been, nobody could have screwed up the run. He inherited a good team, but not a great one. They might, and I stress MIGHT be about to become a great team. Depends on what happens in the game with the Iggles, and after that. This team is good enough that, with the right breaks, there's no telling how far they go... OR how quickly they exit. The defense is mostly there, and the offense is closer than ever, but they still need an OL that can run AND pass block consistently, and better execution from all players not named Witten, Romo and Austin.

P[pe me some more sunshine!! They have talent.but are not consistence. Until they are,...I just can't believe. Victories against a N.O. team weary of shouldering the pressure for "an undefeated season", an injury riddled D.C. team with internal strife, and, a "moral victory" against a San Diego club that was on the road and still found a way to win here???? Give me the gut check with Philly and, at least a first round win in the PLAY-OFFS before I can mend this broken heart and begin to trust once more.

Gee Mike & John, you guys have such positive outlooks. Mike this team was not Super Bowl ready when Parcells left. The team didn't make the playoffs for the Tuna. They just weren't good enough. We'll see how good they are this week against the Eagles. I'm hopeful.

After 40 years a Cowboy fan, I can't take this anymore. Phillips inherited a Superbowl ready team, but his soft, non-demanding manner has produced not a single win where it matters--the playoffs. What a wasted opportunity. By keeping this incompetent loser, Jones has lost the Cowboy's popularity, and given away the title of "America's Team."

I'll tell you what a twelve year playoff drought has done to this cowboy fan. I got more enioyment, out of sitting home, on my coach, watching the New York Giants, get dismantled, in there last game at giants stadium. The only thing is that seems too familar. Seems how I used to like only cowboys football games. Now I like whoever beats the Giants,Eagles,Skins, or anyone else on my hate list.

You all know this the part that Phillips doesn't want to hear!! Anytime after you're given the thumbs up comes the dagger to the heart!!! In this case it will come as soon as the Cowboys lose, that's if they don't advance in the playoffs!!!

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