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December 30, 2009

Oh yes, we have confidence in Roy

It's fair to criticize Roy Williams for not playing consistently good football this year, but if you're looking for anyone besides Williams to be honest about the way he's been playing, forget it. Williams said earlier in the day that if he kept playing poorly, he might find himself on special teams. And he said offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo had lost confidence in him and that it was up to him to win their confidence back.

But when Cowboys coach Wade Phillips was asked about it at his afternoon press conference, he denied that anything is different with Williams.

"I didn't hear him say that, but there hasn't been any confidence [lost]," Phillips said. "You can ask Jason and Tony. There is no confidence lost in Roy. That's my answer to that."

You don't expect coaches or quarterbacks to admit that they have lost confidence in a receiver, but when a guy who is supposed to be a No. 1 receiver catches two passes for 18 yards in two weeks, then it's obvious something is going on.

Credit Williams on this one. It may be easy to criticize him for not playing well and for dropping balls, but at this point of the season, he is assessing blame to no one but himself. And that may be his first step of getting out of his slump -- and winning back the confidence of the coaching staff and quarterback.

-- Jan Hubbard


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We are gonna need Roy, Miles, Jason, and Pat as one cohesive receiving corps if the Boyz are to go very far in the playoffs this season. To continue to pick at the bone's of Roy’s past performances shows either a slow news day or a lack of patience on the media's part.

So, until you suit up and take the hits these receivers take day-in-and-day-out, shut the bleep up!!

With Roy this year, as with this entire Boyz team, it is always darkest before the dawn. The Boyz lost those 2 big games in a row earlier this month. Then--BAM! They decided they were going to control their own destiny and not leave it in the hands of their opponents and the media.

This final game of the season against the greenbirds will be Roy's day to rise up and strike down the minions at the hell gate of mediocrity with each first down catch. To slay the dragons of doubt with TDs aplenty. The rest of Roy’s team will follow him into the feeding frenzy of grinding green bird feathers into dust on that fateful playoff day to come.

Then, come Tournament time, the Boyz will be the most feared playoff team in the NFL.

A few weeks ago on this blog I gave you quotes from the Master Himself--Vince Lombardi. In the hope that I can inspire even one Cowboy player to rise up to perform better than he ever imagined himself capable of, and that that one player's glowing ember will light a raging fire to win inside the rest of the team, I give you some of my words—

---The main difference between a Super Bowl winner and a bum lying in the street are 3 of the most powerful words in the universe (besides “Love” and “Hope” of course)— “We Will Win!” vs. “I can’t win”.

--- Fighting with all you got when things look their bleakest is a man’s only chance to achieve the greatest glory of all – to win against all odds. Buster Douglas said to himself before his 1990 fight against Tyson, “I’m not going down! I’m gonna swing for the fences!” His knockout win against Tyson was one of the greatest achievements in sports history and had much to do with Tyson’s downward spiral as a fighter.

--Being written into the history books as champion will last for all eternity, because even when our sun finally dies 4.5 billion years from now, the far future human race will have long since spread millions of years of our sports history to the farthest reaches of the universe. And at the top of that mountain of Earth sports history data the Dallas Cowboys 2010 Super Bowl Victory will reign supreme.

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