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December 31, 2009


If the Cowboys lose Sunday, they will play at Minnesota or at Arizona in the wild-card round of the playoffs. The Eagles earn a first-round bye with a victory. If the Cowboys win, they could host Philadelphia or Green Bay in a wild-card game. Or they could earn a first-round bye.

Dallas needs to beat the Eagles and have Minnesota AND Arizona lose to get next week off.

Wade Phillips said Thursday that the Cowboys will have Monday off if they play Saturday. They will have their regular Tuesday off day otherwise. The NFL will announce next week's playoff schedule on Sunday night.

-- Charean Williams


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Still some of the play's that were sent in last week by Jason Garret left me wondering. What were you thinking? I mean really! Some of those call's were so bad I can't believe they were made by a pro-coach!

It doesn't matter whether the Boyz get a bye next week or not. Yes it is better to have a bye than to not have a bye. And, yes, it is absolutely imperative that the Boyz beat the green beaglettes this weekend. As imperative as breathing oxygen. As imperative as knocking the snot out of the boogeyman or terrorists. However:

--The road to greatness is paved with adversity.

--A lazy person or team has never worn the champion's crown.

--6 billion people want to hoist the Lombardi Trophy--only the most competitive, cohesive, workman-like, intelligent, and determined 53-person team will actually get to do it.

Any athlete who says they would NOT trade in their boxing crown, basketball crown, hockey crown, tennis crown, baseball crown, soccer crown, auto racing crown, etc. for a Lombardi Trophy is lying.

If you think you missed a play on the ball because you ended up in the wrong play-call spot or you messed up sniffing out the ball, receiver, blocker, or other assignment location, miss it while trying! While making the all-out attempt!

Why? Because you can still catch up to and tackle the opponent’s receiver/runner, or,

--your teammates, inspired by your gritty never-give-up-on-the-play mentality, may knock the ball out of the opponent receiver’s hands where you will recover it, or,

--your QB may get extra time (from scrambling and/or blocking) and hoist you the ball while you’re wide open down the sidelines after he looks off his tightly covered 1st or 2nd options, or,

--your WO may get open after throwing a misdirection block down field because your scrambling and pass protection GAVE him time to get open, or,

--your taking on TWO blockers may open up a lane for one of your speedy teammates to sack the opponents QB, or,

--you may just be stealthily out of the opponent QB’s line-of-sight GIVING him the confidence to make a throw over the middle close enough for you to swoop in for a pick-6, or,

--you may just CHASE your opponent’s shifty back into the arms of your teammates, or,

--YOUR downfield BLOCK may just spring a teammate into the end zone.

The point is—champions have more players NOT giving up on plays than any other team. That’s why they end up being champions.

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