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December 30, 2009

Roy acknowledges the obvious

You can criticize Roy Williams all you want, but you probably won't be any harder on him than he is on himself. For all the bad things you say about him, and there are plenty of bad things to say, give him his due about being accountable. He stood up Wednesday and acknowledged if he doesn't play better, he's going to end up on the bench. Basically, he benched himself, saying he's "disappointed" in his play.

"Confidence is still high. It’s still high," Williams said Wednesday. "I have to get the confidence of my quarterback, because I didn’t get a look after the first half [against Washington]. I didn’t get a look in the second half, so that’s telling me my quarterback lost that confidence in me, and so did the coordinator calling the play for me. I don’t blame them. I blame myself. So I have to get my [stuff] together and try to right this thing and help this team win some games in the playoffs."

Williams has been targeted on 85 passes this year, according to STATS, Inc. He has caught 38 of those. His percentage of catches (44.7 percent) ranks him sixth-worst among receivers with at least 50 catches. (By comparison, Jason Witten has caught 75.2 percent of the passes directed his way.) Williams has 10 drops, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. No receiver has more.

-- Charean Williams


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