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December 31, 2009

We Love Roy, Day II

Roy Williams said yesterday that Jason Garrett and Tony Romo have lost confidence in him. Wade Phillips said that was not true. Jerry Jones said that was not true.

And the latest disclaimer comes from Romo, who met with the media on Thursday and proclaimed his admiration for the struggling wide receiver.

"We haven’t lost any confidence in Roy," Romo said -- and perhaps it was significant that his nose did not elongate. "That’s the best part of this football team – people want to look at themselves and improve. I’m the same way. We all do that, whether or not you express it to others. That’s part of being in this locker room, to continue to improve. I have to continue to work on that. So does Jason Witten, everybody around here does. That just shows you the type of people we have in here. No one has lost any confidence in Roy. Roy is going to be a huge part of this going forward. He knows that. Hopefully we’re all going to have some good football ahead of us."

In retrospect, Williams might have made his best move of this season. By talking openly about the issue, Williams has generated publicity and reporters have followed up on his comments. Everyone now has been forced to declare their allegiance to and confidence in Williams.

So would any of us be surprised if he was targeted about 10 times on Sunday? The test for him is whether he makes catches early in the game. If he does, then it wouldn't be shocking to see him get more opportunities, which, of course, would prove that everyone still has confidence in him.

And that he created opportunities for himself by simply being honest.

-- Jan Hubbard


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