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January 09, 2010

About next week...

Tony Romo was asked about Minnesota, thoughts, concerns, etc. Here's what he said:

"They’re very complete as a team. Offensively they’re outstanding. Defensively, they have probably as talented a group as you’re going to find in the NFL. They present a good challenge. You watch them on tape, they’re very good at home. That’s something we have to account for. We’ll have to come up with a plan and a way to attack different things."

So here's my question to you all...

What (or who) concerns you most regarding Minnesota?

Brett Favre?

His many receiving targets?

Adrian Peterson?


-- Tracey Myers


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I can no longer call Bobby Carpenter "Barbie" unless he's walking with KEN Hamlin. (-;



Just kick their butt. Stop the run. But get after them with front seven. Balance. Balance. Balance. Poise. Poise.Poise. Fortuen Favors the Bold. No time for the weak...or faint of heart. Allegedly, I might have rooted for Bush and Jerry. No video available... But let that be a lesson to y'all about the evils of...:drinking is bad. :)

Minnesota: just treat everybody as dangerous and kick their butt...see Philly for proof. Yes, they got a run game...but stuff that and just cover baby. Balance attack. Just keep it going. Credit and kudos can wait after the 6th Lombardi. By the way Iggles: that is 5 Lombardi's versus zero. Allegedly it is not wise to drink in the 440 section. Allegedly. :)

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