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January 09, 2010

Are they for real?

No, I'm not being a smart so-and-so. I'm asking the genuine question: This is a team a lot of us wrote off at midseason. They weren't good. They were struggling so bad you could call it steee-ruggling.

But obviously, the turnaround has come, and now it's off to face the Vikings.

So, I ask again... are the Cowboys for real?

-- Tracey Myers


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mr. bamboozaul hav 2 admit, i b came a believer after the deadskin game, where da boys won 17-0. mr. bamboozaul knew then this team might go all the way to miami and hoist the lombardi trophy after all, but prior 2 that game, mr. bamboozaul was not sold, not even after the win against the aints, my reason, da boys allowed the aints to come back in the second half and almost lost the game, if it wasn't for d-ware smelled blood against the struggle bushrod, which caused brees 2 fumble the ball to rat. hopefully da boys will continue to put the metal 2 da pettle and don't let off the gas, it's showtime.

A true Cowboy Fan should not have to ask that question. :-)

When they barely lost at NY and lost to SD...had doubts...but they had lost barely. Which drove most true fans bonkers on how and why they lost. And then after NO...well, faith was being rewarded. Then Shutouts. Then Philly was plucked...twice. Fox is just doing cartwheels with the four teams left. Just need to keep it going...Fortune Favors the Bold. not the bold or beautiful types.

I believed in them many weeks ago, even after they lost those first 2 games in December. Just read all my posts on here the past few months and see for yourself.

I may have chastised them for poor play and offered them my two cents whenever they lost, but, I always believed in my heart and mind that they would be champions soon.

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